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Advanced Hydrological Techniques: A Case Study of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Analysis of potential flood hazard areas of the KZN Province of South Africa, using ArcGIS

The floods in the KZN Province of South Africa that occurred in 1987 suggest that the watersheds analyzed using ArcGIS for the area at potential flood risk zone are correct.

Check out the video of the KZN flood that happened in 1987 (video here) and see the KZN potential flood hazard zone analysis that was done using ArcGIS considering the annual rainfall of 2022 in the Tugela and Umegeni watersheds ( video here )

Notes on: Flood Risk Management and Groundwater Potential in Urban Planning


Flood Inundation of Umgeni Catchment KZN Province, SA,   App link

Before date range: ‘2022-01-01’, ‘2022-01-28’

After date range: ‘2022-02-01’, ‘2022-04-30’


Virtual Indundation  Demonstration

Tugela Catchment, KZN, SA

Umgeni River 2D HEC-RAS Analysis Result, KZN Province, SA


Reservoir routing with

Excel Spreadsheet


Notes on Reservoir Routings

Reservoir routing with


Reservoir Routing Analysis


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

using Spreadsheet

Reservoir Routing Analysis


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

using HEC-HMS


QSWAT Model Run and Analysis, Thukela Catchment, 

KZN Province, South Africa

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Differences were observed while running ARCSWAT and QSWAT exercises with same data

Data preparation for HEC-RAS (Long reaches)

Running HEC RAS model with real data HD

CNgrid preparation From Landuse and Soil type ArcGIS files
Running HEC-HMS Model and data préparation
Galexis Avance, Ecublens, Lausanne, Switzerland

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