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About Me

Born and raised in a building contractors’ family, I had been introduced to construction sites early on. The regular visits to dad’s construction sites elevated my curiosity about the field of engineering. Later on, I went to an engineering college and studied Civil/Irrigation Engineering and received a degree in 1996. Then, After years of work experience, I carried on studying and received a master’s degree in engineering hydrology in 2005. On top of that, I received additional training and took part in more advanced research at higher academic institutions as a collaborator and Ph.D. student. The universities I attended include The University of Arba-Minch, Ethiopia, The University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Central University of Technology, South Africa, The University of Fribourg, Switzerland,  The University of Applied Science and Arts Western Switzerland, Lausanne, and EPFL/UNIGE, Switzerland. I have also studied French language courses at, IFAGE, The University of Fribourg, and The University of Geneva, Switzerland. Besides, I attended various brief professional training courses that include 6 months Series of Water Management Courses conducted by the Natural Resources Conservation Service of USA (NRCS), 10 days of ArcGIS and GPS integration training conducted by the University of Bern, Switzerland, and 3 days of Water Resources Yield Model (WRYM-IMS Model) introductory course conducted by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry of South Africa.

In my practical work experiences, I actually took part in various engineering assignments and gained experience regarding design hydrology, catchment studies, flood routing, building construction, irrigation infrastructures, and small-scale earth dam construction as well as other relevant water resources projects.
Simultaneously, I have enriched and enhanced my proficiency in using engineering instruments and software programs. Consequently, I am capable of utilizing engineering instruments such as Total-station and Theodolites. Moreover, able to employ engineering software packages such as Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Bentley Software program (civil-storm, pond pack, Flow master, and others), IDRISI, PCI-Geomatica, and others.

At present, I am convinced that I have the essential proficiency to take part in prominent engineering undertakings that may incorporate hydrologic design, dam and irrigation infrastructure as well as building construction supervision.

I hold a European Engineer Title (EUR ING), am a Certified Civil Engineer in Canton Geneva (MPQ), and am a Registered Civil 

Professional Membership:


  • ResidenceGeneva, Switzerland
  • Address: Chène Bougeries
  • Webmail: Contact page at the right bottom corner
  • Phone :+41 22 700 30 05
  • Phone :+41 79 392 29 70
  • Driving License : B (Swiss and South African)
  • Licence & Certification :
  • EUR ING :No. 34228
  • Website_EN : https://hagoscon.com
  • Website_FR : https://ge-hydro.work
  • Company Registration Number
  • Federal :CH-660.1.463.020-6
  • UID: CHE-259.869.852

Philosophy Statement

Acquiring knowledge of engineering is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to resolve problems and add values to communities. In order to play a role proficiently and responsibly, rigorous training programs are absolutely necessary to acquire engineering skills.

In addition to having theoretical and fundamental technical backgrounds, I believe visualization talent is also vital to engineers. Competencies such as rational thinking, environmental consciousness, and ethical awareness are other aspects that are required to be mastered.

As an engineer, my task would be to utilize my skills with due diligence and accountability to play a role in contributing to the progress and advancement of human society.

Reflection on Professional Growth

Schools help with acquiring knowledge and methodologies to help solve problems in the real world. Moreover, practical experiences have also a lesson to teach. Through years of practical experiences, I have developed not only my skills but also my confidence has gotten consolidated tremendously. As a result, successive projects were done with ease and more efficiency.

From being a participant in construction projects, I had gotten opportunities to lead projects, trained staff, evaluated projects in terms of feasibility and technical soundness as well as consult others to achieve their goals.

During the years, I have enriched my competences and acquired tools that could help to facilitate tasks more efficiently. The more I took part in research and construction projects, the courageous I became in decision making and solving problems with ease.

Future objectives: Long term ambition and explorations lie in mastering more computer applications to harness water resources proficiently in an effort to alleviate future water shortage crisis.

What I Do

3D Building Modeling

3D modeling of buildings with Revit. More software’s I have worked with are Revizto, Navisworks, BIM360, Solibri. Autocad and Civil 3DRevit (Architecture, Structure, MEP et Electric) 3D Civil ( Surface, Surveying, Parcels, Gravity, and Pressure pipe design)


Topographic Survey with a level, Total-Station, and Theodolite, Site survey (dam, irrigation, and building )

Irrigation engineering

Earthen & concrete irrigation canal construction, construction of drop structures, culverts, construction of Dams, and wear structures

Website content Creation/design

WordPress website content creation or design is a hobby

Construction Site supervision & other civil engineering design and construction works

Supervision of construction sites such as Buildings, Dams (earthen, rock fill, concrete), and other civil engineering works such as irrigation infrastructure design, hydraulic structures design, and construction.Residential water supply design, construction Site design & parceling, sewerage design, Catchment DEM delineation, and study. Dam design and construction, reservoir design and study

Water resources & hydrologic engineering researches

Hydrological studies of rivers, catchments, dam sites reservoirs, hydrological modeling, Water supply pipe flow design and analysis, Stormwater design and analysis, Flood protection and flood routing

Hydrology, GIS and photogrammetry software skills

Geomatica, and IDRISI, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-GeoHMS, ESRI ArcGIS, ESRI ArcGIS-Pro, WebGIS and Bentley software such as PondPack, Flowmaster, Civil-Storm), and other Bentley software

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