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Reservoir routing with

Excel Spreadsheet

Reservoir routing with


Reservoir Routing Analysis


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)


QSWAT Model Run and Analysis, Thukela Catchment, 

KZN Province, South Africa

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Differences were observed while running ARCSWAT and QSWAT exercises with same data

3D building design, Galexis Avance, Ecublens, 

Lausanne, Switzerland

Flood Mapping with HEC-RAS (Continuation……..)

Running HEC-HMS for Tugela catchment,

KZN province South Africa

About Me

Born and raised in a building contractors’ family, I had been introduced to construction sites early on. The regular visits to dad’s construction sites elevated my curiosity about the field of engineering. Later on, I went to an engineering college and studied Civil/Irrigation Engineering and received a degree in 1996. Then, After years of work experience, I carried on studying and received a master’s degree in engineering hydrology in 2005. On top of that, I received additional training and took part in more advanced research at higher academic institutions as a collaborator and Ph.D. student. The universities I attended include The University of Arba-Minch, Ethiopia, The University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Central University of Technology, South Africa, The University of Fribourg, Switzerland,  The University of Applied Science and Arts Western Switzerland, Lausanne, and EPFL/UNIGE, Switzerland. I have also studied French language courses at, IFAGE, The University of Fribourg, and The University of Geneva, Switzerland. Besides, I attended various brief professional training courses that include 6 months Series of Water Management Courses conducted by the Natural Resources Conservation Service of USA (NRCS), 10 days of ArcGIS and GPS integration training conducted by the University of Bern, Switzerland, and 3 days of Water Resources Yield Model (WRYM-IMS Model) introductory course conducted by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry of South Africa.

In my practical work experiences, I actually took part in various engineering assignments and gained experience regarding design hydrology, catchment studies, flood routing, building construction, irrigation infrastructures, and small-scale earth dam construction as well as other relevant water resources projects.
Simultaneously, I have enriched and enhanced my proficiency in using engineering instruments and software programs. Consequently, I am capable of utilizing engineering instruments such as Total-station and Theodolites. Moreover, able to employ engineering software packages such as Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Bentley Software program (civil-storm, pond pack, Flow master, and others), IDRISI, PCI-Geomatica, and others.

At present, I am convinced that I have the essential proficiency to take part in prominent engineering undertakings that may possibly incorporate hydrologic design, dam and irrigation infrastructure as well as building construction supervision.


I hold European Engineer Title (EUR ING), am a Certified Civil Engineer in Canton Geneva (MPQ), and am a Registered Civil Engineer in Switzerland (REG A).

Professional Membership:

  • ResidenceGeneva, Switzerland
  • AddressChène Bougeries
  • WebmailCheck contact page at the right bottom corner
  • Phone+41 79 392 2970
  • Driving License B (Swiss and South African)
  • Professional Registration & Certification:
  • SIA:No. 526992
  • EUR ING:No. 34228
  • REG A : REG/2017/1205
  • Company Registration Number
  • Federal :CH-660.1.463.020-6
  • UID: CHE-259.869.852

Philosophy Statement

Acquiring knowledge of engineering is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to resolve problems and add values to communities. In order to play a role proficiently and responsibly, rigorous training programs are absolutely necessary to acquire engineering skills.

In addition to having theoretical and fundamental technical backgrounds, I believe visualization talent is also vital to engineers. Competencies such as rational thinking, environmental consciousness, and ethical awareness are other aspects that are required to be mastered.

As an engineer, my task would be to utilize my skills with due diligence and accountability to play a role in contributing to the progress and advancement of human society.

Reflection on Professional Growth

Schools help with acquiring knowledge and methodologies to help solve problems in the real world. Moreover, practical experiences have also a lesson to teach. Through years of practical experiences, I have developed not only my skills but also my confidence has gotten consolidated tremendously. As a result, successive projects were done with ease and more efficiency.

From being a participant in construction projects, I had gotten opportunities to lead projects, trained staff, evaluated projects in terms of feasibility and technical soundness as well as consult others to achieve their goals.

During the years, I have enriched my competences and acquired tools that could help to facilitate tasks more efficiently. The more I took part in research and construction projects, the courageous I became in decision making and solving problems with ease.

Future objectives: Long term ambition and explorations lie in mastering more computer applications to harness water resources proficiently in an effort to alleviate future water shortage crisis.

What I Do

3D Building Modeling

3D modeling of buildings with Revit. More software’s I have worked with are Revizto, Navisworks, BIM360, Solibri. Autocad and Civil 3DRevit (Architecture, Structure, MEP et Electric) 3D Civil ( Surface, Surveying, Parcels, Gravity, and Pressure pipe design)


Topographic Survey with a level, Total-Station, and Theodolite, Site survey (dam, irrigation, and building )

Irrigation engineering

Earthen & concrete irrigation canal construction, construction of drop structures, culverts, construction of Dams, and wear structures

Website content Creation/design

WordPress website content creation or design is a hobby

Construction Site supervision & other civil engineering design and construction works

Supervision of construction sites such as Buildings, Dams (earthen, rock fill, concrete), and other civil engineering works such as irrigation infrastructure design, hydraulic structures design, and construction.Residential water supply design, construction Site design & parceling, sewerage design, Catchment DEM delineation, and study. Dam design and construction, reservoir design and study

Water resources & hydrologic engineering researches

Hydrological studies of rivers, catchments, dam sites reservoirs, hydrological modeling, Water supply pipe flow design and analysis, Stormwater design and analysis, Flood protection and flood routing

Hydrology, GIS and photogrammetry software skills

Geomatica, and IDRISI, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-GeoHMS, ESRI ArcGIS, ESRI ArcGIS-Pro, WebGIS and Bentley software such as PondPack, Flowmaster, Civil-Storm), and other Bentley software

Testimonials & Recommendations




The University of Kwazulu-Natal

MScEng Degree: School of Environmental Engineering and hydrology (BEEH), Faculty of Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, and Durban (South Africa). Research title: « Flood Routing in Ungauged Catchments Using Muskingum Methods. » The project was financed by the Water Research Institute of South Africa.

The University of Arba Minch

BScEng Degree: Civil engineering, University of Arbaminch, formerly called: Arbaminch Water Technology Institute, Ethiopia. Project title:: «Hare Irrigation Project, Design Report. »

Further Education

February 25, 2021 - June 25, 2021 [150hrs]

Information Géographique en Urbanisme  par Quantum GIS (QGIS) /Geographic information in urban planning using Quantum GIS (QGIS) 

Institut des Sciences de l'Environnement (ISE)
Université de Genève (UNIGE) & École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

The school of communication, Arts & Digital

CADSchool, Geneva:  training of Revit (basic and advanced levels)  and  Autocad 2D basic and advanced level (CAD)

2011 - 2012
HES-SO Lausanne (Swiss)

Universities of Western Switzerland: Attended engineering courses such as advanced Geomatique and its applications (GEO), Project management and  communication (GPR),  Construction and environment law (DCN), construction and Structural engineering (CSR), Management and development of water (EAX), Cartography and GIS (SIG), Water treatment and quality and geology and hydrogeology

The University of Fribourg, Switzerland

University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Collaborator, and Research fellow (Doctoral candidate): I have studied ArcGIS et IDRISI, PCI-Geomatica (Orthoeng), ERDAS imagery (Orthobase), satellite images and   SLEUTH growth model and subsidence of alluvial soils caused by intensive water withdrawal

Central University of Technology (CUT) South Africa,

Central University of Technology (CUT),  South Africa: as a research collaborator, I did research on Small scale rainwater harvesting Technologies for Southern Africa region

1999 (10 days)
The University of Bern, Swiss

Sponsored by the University of Bern, Swiss. training location - Asmara (Eritrea): 10 days of training management of geographic information WIN 95/NT Arcview, and GPS. Center for the Development and Environment, University of Bern

1997(6 months)
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), USA

NRCS, USA: Hydrology for engineers, geology for engineers, structural analyses for engineers, Documentation for construction  projects,  irrigation techniques, the study of soil Mechanics,

Engineering Skills

Engineering Hydrology (Design Hydrology)


Civil Construction Supervision (Building, Dam, & Irri. infrastructures)


Total-Station and Theodolite


Design and Drawing of civil structures


3D building modeling & BIM collaboration


Engineering Software Skills



ArcGIS, ArcGIS-Pro, WebGIS


PondPack, Flowmaster, Civil-Storm


3D Modelling (Revit et Civil 3D) Revit and AutoCAD, Revizto 4, Solibri, BIM360 softwares


Geomatica, and IDRISI (photogrammetry)




Soft Skills

  • Able to communicate easily
  • Precision and attention to detail
  • Capacity of quick adaptation
  • Sprite of initiation
  • Time Management
  • Analyse, manage and administer a team of professionals
  • Problem-Solving
  • Social Networking
  • Flexibility




CAS 3, 2021: Report 

Tewolde MH (2021) Analyse spatiale d’emploi plein temps secondaire réalisée sur les quartiers de commune de Genève, Information Géographique en Urbanisme,  CAS 3, Institut des Sciences de l’Environnement (ISE), Université de Genève (UNIGE) & École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Suisse


2009P S van Heerden, C T Crosby, B Grové, N Benadé, E Theron, R E Schulze & MH Tewolde (2009), Integrating and Updating of SAPWAT and PLANWAT to Create a Powerful and User-Friendly Irrigation Planning Tool, WRC report No. TT 391/08.Water Resources Commission, Pretoria, RSA


Tewolde MH (2008), Seminar in Geomorphology: Subsidence in alluvial soils caused by intensive water withdrawal, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.


2007Smithers JC, KT Chetty, Frezghi MS, DM and Knoesen Tewolde MH (2007) Development and assessment of a continuous simulation modeling system for design flood estimation, WRC Report No. 1318/1/07. Water Resources Commission, Pretoria,

Peer-reviewed Articles and Reports

Tewolde MH and JC Smithers (2006) Flood routing in ungauged catchments using Muskingum methods. Journal of Water South Africa. 


2008Tewolde MH (2008), Image Orthorectifying and mosaicking using PCI-Geomatica, (Steps are shown using an aerial photograph in Bulle area) and preparation of files for SLEUTH urban and land-use change model, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
2006Tewolde MH (2006), Rainwater Harvesting Technology for Small Households, School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment, Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa.

Books and Chapters in Books:

Tewolde MH (2005) Flood Routing in Ungauged Catchments using Muskingum Methods. Universal Publishers, Florida, USA.




Tewolde MH and Smithers JC (2005) Flood Routing in Ungauged Catchments Using Muskingum Methods. Poster International Conference on Integrated Assessment of Water Resources and Global Change: A North-South Analysis, Bonn, Germany.


2002Tewolde MH (2002), Flood Routing, School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, RSA.

Accessing Excellence (“Honors Class”): Before transitioning towards a master’s program in hydrology.

Tewolde MH (2002) Hydrological dam design, School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, RSA


2002Tewolde MH (2002) Forest Hydrology, Seven Oaks Experiment Station, School of Bioresources. Engineering and Environmental Hydrology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.

Sample Project Design Paper, Eritrea:

Tewolde MH, Tareke, S and Gebrehiwot, T. (2000) Berhnet earth-fill dam report, Land and Water Resource Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Asmara, Eritrea.



Undergraduate Papers:

Tewolde MH, Mitiku B, Tamir M. and Seid S. (1995) Hare Irrigation Project Design Report, Department of Irrigation Engineering, Arbaminch Water Technology Institute, Arbaminch, Ethiopia.



Pr. Experience

2019 (3 months), Lausanne Building Technique department:  3D modeling of buildings with Revit. I also worked with  Revizto, Navisworks, BIM360, Solibri.

2014-stillGeneva, Hydro Engineers (  Hydrological studies and Civil engineering, independent researcher,


(3 months)

Canton Geneva, SECOE – dynamic sector for water and meteorology. Studying and evaluating the hydrology of the “L’Aire” river and the infrastructures along the river. Temporary post. link,
2008-2011University of Fribourg, Switzerland: Scientific collaborator  (Doctorat): Research in hydrology, geomatics, and GIS, worked with software such as GIS, Geomatica,  and IDRISI,
2005-2007South Africa, Central University of Technology (CUT): Research collaborator, Small-scale Rain Water Harvesting Technology,
2004-2005South Africa, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Collaborator and researcher: Département of hydrology, worked in the area of hydrological modeling and engineering hydrology,
2000-2002Eritrean Gov., Construction Engineer: Supervision of ground plus one building complex, built on an area of 124 square meters of land, including concrete mix control as well as guiding reinforcement bar placement and management of construction material,
1997-2000Eritrea, Ministry of Agriculture Design section : Surface irrigation system design and construction such as Chute, drop structures, culverts, primary, secondary and tertiary canals. Design and construction of small scale earth dam and reservoirs,
1996-1997Ethiopia, Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Rehabilitation Commission in Tigray Region (SAERT):  Irrigation infrastructure construction such as drop structures and earthen canals. Supervision of small scale earth and rockfill dam construction, and
1995-1996Internship, (Graduation Year) the University of Arbaminch, formerly called Arbaminch Water Technology Institute, Arbaminch (Éthiopia): a longitudinal and cross-sectional survey of kulfo river.


Large River Basins of Africa

Large River Basins of Africa

Flood Mapping, Lesson/Leçon
Differences were observed while running ARCSWAT and QSWAT Exercises with the same data

Differences were observed while running ARCSWAT and QSWAT Exercises with the same data

SWAT Model
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

QSWAT Model Run and Analysis

QSWAT Model Run and Analysis

SWAT Model, Tugela Catch
Watershed Basins of South Africa (Inventory)

Watershed Basins of South Africa (Inventory)

The Grand  Renaissance Dam Watershed Map

The Grand Renaissance Dam Watershed Map

Reservoir Routing with HEC-HMS

Reservoir Routing with HEC-HMS

Probationary Lesson_EN

Probationary Lesson_EN

Leçon Probatoire_FR

Leçon Probatoire_FR


The joy of 3D Modeling

The full 3D model video for Galexis Avance, Ecublens Building In Lausanne can be seen here

La pollution sonore pendant la journée et la nuit, ainsi que le nombre de personnes dans les ménages (personnes vivant dans un immeuble ou dans chaque appartement) par tranche d’âge, peuvent être facilement calculés en un clic à l’aide de QGIS

Southern and Northern Ethiopia Memories

Champ has got a trophy today!

Distance target accomplished and distance record broken. 2021 starts with a trophy and I trust it will proceed the same for everything.


Sport for Health

Outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling make my days better.

Today (20201228) due to weather conditions, I interrupted my cycling activities at 21 Kms. However, I noticed that my hours are getting better after repeated training sessions. 

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This week’s challenge was cycling. The above-indicated images are morning cycling activities. The dates are from 20201210-20201221. These were only 10 days of challenge and the cycling activity will continue…… In the same month, there were hiking activities as well. Because of my achievements, I think I am a champion LOL! Now you can call me Champ.

Professor Roland Schulze, UKZN Hydrology Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Associate in the Centre for Water Resources Research (CWRR), received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Utility Week Industry Awards which recognises energy and water influencers in Africa.

Over 600 guests from 30 countries attended the glamorous black-tie event, many of them Africa’s most renowned power and water industry professionals. Schulze was selected winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award by a panel of 22 international judges.

‘This is a proud and emotional moment and a humbling experience,’ said Schulze, who also reflected on the individuals and institutions who influenced his outlook and success, including his parents whose dreams were cut short by the Great Depression, leading them having to curtail their schooling at the age of 14 to start work.

Schulze, who completed his undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD studies at the then-University of Natal, began his career as a high school teacher of Science and Mathematics, joining his alma mater in 1969 where he worked until formal retirement in 2007. He piloted South Africa’s first hydrology degree course in the early 1980s; the discipline grew under his leadership to form the CWRR, now training more than 150 undergraduate students and 30 postgraduate students from around the world annually.

Schulze was also visiting professor at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in The Netherlands and at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. He has been involved in more than 100 short courses on hydrological modelling and climate change in South Africa, Africa and Europe.

Schulze’s involvement in national and international level hydrological research spans more than 50 years. For the past 30 years, he has been pursuing applied climate change research. Landmark achievements include development of the Agricultural Catchments Research Unit (ACRU) agro-hydrological modelling system and the SCS-SA design hydrology simulation model.

He has over 600 varied publications to his name, from refereed journal papers to books and popular articles, with further publications forthcoming. He has spent six sabbaticals at institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and The Netherlands. Schulze has supervised 67 Masters and 20 PhD students, with eight students currently under his supervision. His graduates have gone on to make a considerable impact in various sectors.

Schulze’s accolades include a Fellowship of the University of Natal, a Fellowship of the Royal Society of South Africa, Life Membership of the International Water Academy in Norway, a South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) Fellowship, Membership of the Academy of Science of South Africa and numerous “Best Lecturer” awards. He is the recipient of Gold and Silver Medals from the SAIAE.    read more



Chène Bougeries,
CH-1224 Geneva, Switzerland


+41 79 392 2970


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